You may not know this, but Samantha and I both have MLS degrees in Library Science, Sam from Simmons College and myself from Syracuse University. So when we were brainstorming ideas for fun events at the store, we naturally latched onto the idea of a cookbook book club!

            A cookbook book club, you say with puzzlement. Let me explain what we have in mind. Very similar to a book club, we will be meeting to discuss a particular cookbook. But the fun part is that each member will bring a dish from the cookbook in question to share with the members creating a potluck dinner so to speak. Members don’t have to be serious cooks, just an interest and enthusiasm for cooking will do.

            The logistics. We will choose the cookbooks as a group, which we can discuss at our organizational/information meeting on Tuesday, September 26th at 6PM. The cookbook chosen for the upcoming book club meeting will be on-hand at Culinary Square, you can stop in, peruse the book and choose your recipe. Just be sure to let us know which one so we can mark it and avoid duplications. The night of the book club meeting we will gather at the store for a potluck dinner and discussion of the recipes. Our hope is to find a few local authors of cookbooks as well and on occasion have the authors join us! We will meet on a monthly basis. You don’t have to come every month, but you will have to register for the months you want to attend, as space will be limited for each event. If we have lots of interest, we will host events on more than one evening.

            So come to the organizational meeting on Tuesday, September 26th at 6PM at Culinary Square, 251 River Street. We will be discussing which books we should start with, what dates we should meet and answer any questions you may have. Can’t make the meeting, send us an email or stop by the store to put your name on a mailing list and we will update you with all the details after the meeting. See you on September 26th at 6PM, and bring a friend and bring your ideas for cookbooks you would like to see us use! As an added bonus we will be offering members a 10% discount on any items then purchase the night of the book club meetings!