Phew! It’s been a busy month and we apologize for not posting sooner. We started the Culinary Square Cookbook Book Club in October and due to its popularity we hosted three separate events!! It was so much fun and we learned a lot…at least I did. Our first cookbook selection was the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman. Between the three nights there were barely any recipes in the book that Sam and I didn’t get to try, and they were all delicious.  Here are a few tips that I learned along the way; when dredging chicken in flour, eggs and breadcrumbs – if you put them back in the fridge to chill for at least an hour the coating sets up much better, if you soak raw onions in buttermilk it mellows the flavor for a great broccoli slaw, that if you are looking for hard to find spices, Nora’s Grocery in Latham on Troy-Schenectady Road as you are coming out of Watervliet is the place to go (and they are extremely helpful), a trick for making a perfect crust for a galette is to put the flour and salt in one bowl, the butter in another and place them both in the freezer for an hour prior to preparation,  I could go on and on. I loved Deb Perelman’s cookbook so much that I ran out to Market Block Books and bought her new one, Smitten Kitchen Everyday when it came out last week! We had such a great time sitting down, sharing these meals, getting to know each other and talking cooking! For the November selection we chose Hattie’s Restaurant Cookbook by Jasper Alexander…you know from Hattie’s Kitchen in Saratoga…and the most wonderful part is that he will be attending our meeting on November 14th at 6PM!


Which leads me to our other newest development. Jasper Alexander’s availability limited him to visiting the store once in November. We wanted to be able to have as many people from the cookbook club, who were interested, able to attend.  So, in order to accommodate everyone, we took down the final wall in the back of the store! If you haven’t seen it, stop in and check it out. It opens up the back so nicely, we have a beautiful view of the river and we are working on creating a permanent space for the meetings.  Well that’s all for now. Next up Sam and I are coming up with a list of our favorite cooking equipment items for the Thanksgiving feast!